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About Oqood.AE Portal

Instead of registering procedures directly with Dubai Land Department, Oqood.AE portal offers a full range of services designed specifically for developers to manage their off-plan projects and initial sales contracts. (DLD). By functioning in accordance with a set of guidelines established by real estate authorities, the Oqood platform automates, regulates, and monitors the market for off-the-plan properties, fostering a trusted and transparent environment that protects the interests of investors and homebuyers. Oqood on Linkedin


The real estate market’s best practices, processes, and technology were used to build the portal. Because of its strong architecture, it can be integrated with DLD’s central core system to create a dynamic and thorough registration procedure for off-plan properties. oqood.ae

Developers are permitted to submit their requests for procedures for the properties they control, regardless of whether construction is ongoing or finished. They will use the Oqood portal to search for a property, fill out the request information, and submit it to DLD. Original copies of the necessary papers should be submitted in response to submitted requests. The procedure request will be prepared for execution in the DLD registration department once the counter staff has received the full set of documents. Following that, requests will be reviewed in accordance with the DLD’s set of rules and regulations. To guarantee openness between all evolved parties, all procedural parties will be informed through SMS as to whether the request has been authorized or declined.

Key Features:

  • Reduce the time needed to complete each procedure request in order to expedite the processing of registration procedures, which would enhance the level of services provided by the Dubai Land Department.
  • Gives real estate authorities a potent instrument for managing, regulating, and overseeing the off-plan property sector.
  • Permit property developers to handle their requests for procedures in accordance with their priorities.
  • gives developers a reliable supply of real estate data from which to conduct their sales transaction
  • Reduce the time that developers must wait in DLD, especially for requests for bulk procedures.
  • Provides current data on sales, unit investment, and client payments across the project’s whole scope.