Taxi Driver Jobs in Dubai 2024 Without License UAE

Dubai Taxi Driver Jobs 2024

Find the latest Taxi Driver Jobs in Dubai for both new and experienced drivers. You can work as a cab driver in Dubai if you have a driver’s license from the UAE or another GCC country. All of Dubai’s main taxi businesses (regulated by RTA – Road Transport Authority) provide thorough information about Dubai Taxi Careers.

Dubai Taxi Driver Jobs Without Experience

Even if you do not have a driver’s license, you can apply for Dubai Taxi Driver Jobs. The company receives taxi driver applications through its local representatives in different countries. However, certain taxi companies in Dubai may offer you a resident visa and apply for a driver’s license on your behalf. Until you receive your driver’s license, the taxi firm will cover all of your fees. However, once you start working for the taxi business after acquiring your driver’s license, the taxi firm will continue to remove a tiny sum of money from your pay.

How to Find Taxi Jobs in Dubai 2024?

To apply for a Dubai Taxi Driver Job, you must first prepare a CV detailing your driving experience. Mention all of the companies for which you’ve worked, whether in Dubai or back home. A valid driver’s license from the UAE is required. Apply for a taxi driver job at any taxi company near your home’s HR department.

The HR assistant will conduct an oral interview to check your communication skills as well as your knowledge of Dubai and its most popular and visited attractions. If you pass the exam, you will be required to show a copy of your valid UAE driving license, a copy of your valid passport, and a visa.

Taxi driver jobs are accessible in Dubai 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because every taxi firm in Dubai mandates their personnel to maintain their vehicles on Dubai’s highways. Some novice taxi drivers have difficulty adjusting to the taxi industry. They departed the company to pursue other endeavors. The majority of drivers who no longer wish to work for these cab businesses depart fast. And the firm replaces them with fresh drivers. It is difficult to drive a taxi in Dubai. To survive and drive a taxi in Dubai, you must put in a lot of effort.

Dubai has highly rigorous traffic laws and regulations. To avoid hefty fines, you must follow RTA traffic and driving regulations. You will be charged and must pay fines and penalties if you violate a traffic law. Your corporation will pay even a dime.

What Are the Requirements for Taxi Driver Jobs in Dubai?

You must have a valid UAE driver’s license and be knowledgeable with all of the city’s routes and places to operate as a taxi driver in Dubai.

  • A valid UAE driver’s license
  • You have a spotless driving record in the UAE.
  • All famous Dubai locations are well-known to you.
  • Learn about Dubai’s traffic laws and regulations.
  • Secondary education is required.
  • Fluency in Arabic and English is necessary.
  • able to work under hardship
  • Can achieve the goals
  • Customers should be treated courteously and respectfully.

What is the Salary of a Taxi Driver in Dubai?

In Dubai, taxi driver employment are categorised as white-collar. You must continuously perform 12-hour shifts to maintain your earnings graph. Taxi fare is computed on a monthly basis based on your wages. Your compensation will be high if your revenues are high. Taxi drivers in Dubai do not receive a fixed income. For example, if you worked for a month but earned very little, you might get a very modest commission from which you could just cover your room rent and food and drink expenses. To earn 4000-5000 dirhams every month, your commission must be 35%.

Based on your objective success, your commissioned salary will be provided to you at the end of the month. The commission goals are divided into three levels of earnings: 25%, 30%, and 35%.

People that are dedicated and daring will do well in a Dubai taxi. If you are an excellent driver and can work 12 hours a day, you can easily make 4000-5000 thousand dirhams. Dubai taxi driver positions are always in high demand. If you have a valid UAE driver’s license and can work lengthy shifts without breaks, please submit your CV and other needed documentation to one of the taxi firms listed below.

To survive in Dubai, you must have attained the 30% or 35% criterion, failing which you would be forced to resign from your taxi driving profession.

How to Apply for Taxi Driver Jobs in Dubai?

To apply for taxi driver opportunities in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. You should go to the taxi company’s main office and speak with the human resources department. The top five cab firms are given here, along with contact information. Simply email them your CV, a copy of your UAE driving license, copies of your academic and professional certifications, and a copy of your passport, including visa pages.

You should apply for each cab company separately because they operate under different establishments and management.

Company:Dubai Taxi Corporation
Nationality:Any Nationality Can Apply
Category:Driver Jobs in Dubai
Job Role:Taxi Driver
Min. Education:High School / Secondary
Job Location:Dubai
Job Type:Full Time
Experience:1-2 Years of Driving Experience
Salary:AED 4000-5000 (Commission Based Salary)

List of Top 5 Taxi Companies in Dubai

There are numerous taxi firms in Dubai’s various regions. The taxi businesses listed below consistently publish taxi driver positions in Dubai:

  1. Arabia Taxi Dubai
  2. Cars Taxi Dubai
  3. City Taxi Dubai
  4. Dubai Taxi Corporation
  5. National Taxi Dubai

Arabia Taxi Dubai

Arabia Taxi Dubai, established in 2005, is one of Dubai’s main taxi businesses, with headquarters in Umm Ramoul, Rashidiya. The Arabia Taxi Dubai seeks experienced public transportation drivers.

Address: Al Rebat Street, Opp Festival City, Umm Ramool Area – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 285 5111

Cars Taxi Dubai

Cars Taxi Dubai was the first franchise company to open shop in Dubai in 2000. It has around 8500 employees and over 5000 cabs.

Address: Al Khabisi Area, Behind Al Kabayl Discount Centre, Deira, Dubai
Tel: 04-2693344
WhatsApp: 055-4045517

City Taxi Dubai

The City Taxi was established in 1983 and provides transportation services throughout Dubai and the UAE. City Taxi Dubai’s principal purpose is to increase the quality of services given to the public in a friendly setting.

Address: 5 34th St, Umm Ramool, Dubai
Tel: 04-2844220

Dubai Taxi Corporation

Dubai Taxi Corporation is a government-owned firm that provides all modes of public transportation while upholding the highest standards of transportation excellence. It aspires to give maximum client pleasure by continually developing and introducing new services that not only complement but also elevate its reputation in the smart transportation market.

Address: First Floor, Main Building, Amman Street, Al – Muhaisnah Area, Dubai
Tel: 800 88088

National Taxi Dubai

A Dubai Taxi Corporation, which was created in 2000, owns National Taxi Dubai. In order to improve customer service, National Taxi has always placed a high importance on technology. National Taxi Dubai has always placed a premium on service quality and customer satisfaction.

Address: 318 st., Industrial Area 2, Al Quoze, Dubai
Tel: 04-3390002

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